Design Ninjas…we don’t blink

The fact that you have access to this blog and are still alive…is miraculous. As a design ninja I have sworn to keep the secrets of my training within the confinements of Mendi-Lab Dojo in the basement of a university. I can not divulge anymore about my location, but I may tell you more about me.

I go by the name of Nicole-Son…I am studying Web Design and learning everything from graphic designing to HTML coding, creating and attaching CSS style sheets, editing on Photoshop and designing on Illustrator. I am new to the Mendi-Lab Dojo in a room full of diligent future ninjas so what ever information I get I will share on this blog. Web design is too awesome to keep to yourself.

Do not try and track a ninja

If there are any questions…then that’s a shame…Ninjas don’t speak.


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