Steve Jobs – an apple a day sent success his way

A younger Jobs

February 24th 1955 was a great day for the world and no one knew it. Steve Jobs was born and given up for adoption, but his biological parents did not know the gift they were giving up. Jobs was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs and his father taught him about constructing and dismantling electronics which turned out to be a billion dollar hobby.  Besides his hobbies Jobs was a very smart student although he wasn’t very keen with the formal schooling system.  When he wasn’t at school he was at Hewlett-Packard where he met Stephen Wozniak…great things can only come of this meeting.


After high school Jobs went on to enroll in college and not graduate. After only 6 months Jobs left and later went on to work for Atari as a video game designer. At the age of 21 Jobs then started working at Apple Computer and resigned as CEO in 1985.

It seems like hooking up with an IT genius buddy and spending copious amounts of hours in a garage produces great new technology. Mark Shuttleworth did this when he started up an Internet security company, Thawte, from his parent’s garage in Cape Town and Steve Jobs did this too with Apple Computers. Jobs and buddy Stephen Wozniak started Apple computers in Jobs’ garage, which revolutionized technology today and produced the iPod, iPhone, iPad and i-everything else.

After his resignation from Apple his business ventures did not stop there, he started a software and hardware company called NeXT and bought over Pixar Animation Studios. NeXT was not a booming success and when Apple absorbed this company Jobs was sky rocketed to his former CEO position. It was then in the 1990s that Jobs began to take Apple up and up to the elevated success it enjoys now. Jobs did all this with a salary he granted himself of only $1 per year.

2003 was a solemn year for Jobs as he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Jobs enjoyed 7 years of continuing success until October 5th, 2011, 56 year old Steve Jobs passed away. He died in his Californian home of respiratory arrest caused by the tumour.



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