Okay the next thing on our list beginning with a ‘J’ is JQuery! Yay! So um…what’s that?

If you have started playing around with JavaScript you would have noticed it is quite a lot to grasp and daunting at times. JQuery to the rescue! JQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It’s a free open source software and the most popular JavaScript library in use. Created by web author John Resig it was released in 2006.

JQuery’s syntax was developed to make navigating a document, creating animations, dealing with events, selecting DOM elements and develop Ajax applications easier. It also lets you create plug-ins to develop advanced effects and themed widgets. It modifies the look of your web page and changes the content of a page. It alters the way the user interacts with the page and provides Ajax support. It also irons out browser quirks.




About nicobaleng

My paradoxical love for the web is feeling immense freedom while confined to a seated position behind a desk. This is what the world wide web has to offer. Learning about the latest technological toys or playing around with programs sounds like nerds-play, but once you start exploring, the pc monitor in front of you becomes less and less intimidating. Tracked and documented I will share the journey of an average Joe like me, moving up toward achieving a black belt in web design! KAPOW!

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