Online Advertsing

Browsing the web becomes a nuisance when every 5 minutes you’re confronted with a pop up ad. The day my irritation was pushed to the limit was the day when a pop up ad for a penis-enlarging pump jumped onto my screen. It’s known that the negative effects of online advertising can dissuade consumers from returning to the main site.

Many companies are constantly bombarding our monitors with online advertising so the market out there is tough due to the huge amount of competition. Their techniques have to be truly impactful to stand out as online ads are criticised for being senseless, absurd, uninformative, interfering and all round ineffective. The form of advertising then changed and pop-ups and pop-unders were created to grab attention. Consumers eventually block pop ups and scroll quickly down web pages to avoid long streams of adverts. Some advertisers have managed to dodge pop-up blockers however and make their intention known – YOU WILL NOT AVOID US.

One has to understand the idea of an online consumer to understand the effects. Online consumers have a purpose when they’re on the net unlike those watching TV clicking through channels. If an ad interrupts your soapie you can get up and make a TV snack or change the channel. The online consumer is deterred when confronted with an ad and must go through the tedious task of closing pop ups and scrolling past ads.

The above states that online consumers are focused…they browse the web with purpose and intent of procuring whatever information they deem necessary. When targeting the online market, advertisers therefore need to make their information focused and necessary.


About nicobaleng

My paradoxical love for the web is feeling immense freedom while confined to a seated position behind a desk. This is what the world wide web has to offer. Learning about the latest technological toys or playing around with programs sounds like nerds-play, but once you start exploring, the pc monitor in front of you becomes less and less intimidating. Tracked and documented I will share the journey of an average Joe like me, moving up toward achieving a black belt in web design! KAPOW!

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