Taking and Making Pictures

The use of Photoshop extends far beyond a few touch ups on a facebook profile picture. Photoshop is very versatile and you can place an image of yourself in a different country or airbrush your butt till it’s gone.  You can compose a whole new image by combining 2. For example…

Picture 1

Picture 2

Foreground picture 1 and background picture 2

Depending on your style its best to alter images in a way that does not distort from reality. One would want to blend and blur images to create a flawless composition. Photoshop is all about playing around with an image till you find what looks best.There are times when Photoshop ventures into the realm of the absurd! My favourite categories are…

  • Too many hands make crap work

Taking a good look at a few pictures show a few too many hands at times.

  • Wretched reflections

I have seen one too many ads with bad reflections. Either the reflection is the wrong way around or it seems as if its another reflection all together. What ever the reason, its totally ridiculous what our eyes can let us get away with.


Is this 8gb or 4gb?

  • Malnourished models

Last year Ralph Lauren wrote an apology to the Huffington Post for their deceptively skinny models. The scandal caused quite a stir. Women photoshopped to the point where their heads are bigger than their pelvis has become quite a trend and the only thing Ralph Lauren should be sorry about is hiring that really crappy photoshopper.

Me so hungweeee!

  • Bolloks backdrop

Ever tried putting a photo of yourself in a picture of Mexico then showing your teacher the picture explaining, “This is why I was absent from my exam ma’am.” Yeah…me neither, but that was before I started working on photoshop.

For more of these photoshop disaster pictures check out http://www.psdisasters.com.

Whether being used or abused, Photoshop still remains an amazing tool for a web designer to have in their back pocket.


About nicobaleng

My paradoxical love for the web is feeling immense freedom while confined to a seated position behind a desk. This is what the world wide web has to offer. Learning about the latest technological toys or playing around with programs sounds like nerds-play, but once you start exploring, the pc monitor in front of you becomes less and less intimidating. Tracked and documented I will share the journey of an average Joe like me, moving up toward achieving a black belt in web design! KAPOW!

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