X-Men First Class

I can’t wait to watch this!

Marvel Comics’ X-men First Class is the prequel of the X-men saga and the fifth X-men movie to be released. X-men, X-men 2, X-men the Last Stand, X-men: Origins Wolverine and now BOOM X-men First Class. The fifth addition will feature younger versions of well known characters plus a few newbies.

The film is set in 1962 – the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis and the plot unfolds in this dangerous time as mutants unite to train and intervene in the war. It takes us back to the beginnings of Professor X and Magneto’s relationship before they were archenemies.

Director Matthew Vaughn worked with a cast including: James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon, Caleb Landry Jones, Lucas Till, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Edi Gathegi, Jason Flemyng, January Jones, Zoe Kravitz, Bill Milner, Michael Fassbender, Alex Gonzalez, Oliver Platt and Ray Wise.

Marvel Comic version: Havok

Who are the new mutants on the block?

Actor: Lucas Till

Name: Alex Summers aka Havok

About: Till’s geeky smile might be familiar if you’ve watched Hannah Montana The movie or Taylor Swift’s music video You Belong With Me. Havok the mutant has the power to absorb cosmic energy and hurl red lazers with amazing, but deadly results. At first it looks as if he’s hula hooping, but a few seconds later rings of red are blasted off to decapitate an unsuspecting statue – watch the clip!

Angel, other name is Tempest

Actor: Zoe Kravitz

Name: Angel Salvadore aka Angel

About: Yes this is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz…Now that we’ve got that out the way! Angel Salvadore has the ability to be a bug basically. She can fly and vibrate fast enough to create ultrasonic sounds deafening to the human ear.

Banshee in black and yellow

Actor: Caleb Landry Jones

Name: Sean Cassidy aka Banshee

About: You may have seen Caleb on No Country for Old Men, but I doubt you would know it was him. So instead lets focus on his mutant role Banshee. The name is a give away to his abilities which involve hypersonic screaming so loud that he blasts things away with full force and can use his screams for flight.


Actor: Nicholas Hoult

Name: Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy aka Beast

About: Remember About a Boy starring Hugh Grant? Remember the little boy? WELL DONE! This beastly mutant is portrayed by that very boy Nicholas Hoult. Beast is a kind hearted…well um…Beast who was a scientist and political activist who tries to cure himself of the transformation into what looks like a blue monkey man.


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