BlackBerry Playbook

Blackberry Playbook is supposedly due to be launched here in South Africa anytime in this month.

An exclusive event in New York, March 1st, allowed BB lovers to come and fondle their beloved Blackberry Playbook with satisfactory results. This thing is amazing…I won’t lie.Much like the Ipad and Samsung galaxy tab, but better.


Galaxy tab, more like slab

Browsing through the Playbook is fluid and delightful users exclaim. It has everything the internet has and boasts the availability of Adobe Flash. Its also very easy to carry around with you being only 425g light and 1cm thick. HD video display and powerful stereo makes this Playbook every gamers dream. Blackberry was bold enough to show consumers the difference between the Ipad and the Playbook.

The Playbook is faster. The Playbook has animated Adobe Flash supported settings, which makes for richer visual content while the Ipad has the regular html set up. The Playbook seems to be superior in all technical aspects.

For you avid BB persons, all the appworld applications apply. You can connect it to your Blackberry and have an integrated powerhouse of a machine to use as you like. Its basically a computer in your hands.

For more information head on down to this site:!tabletFeatures


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My paradoxical love for the web is feeling immense freedom while confined to a seated position behind a desk. This is what the world wide web has to offer. Learning about the latest technological toys or playing around with programs sounds like nerds-play, but once you start exploring, the pc monitor in front of you becomes less and less intimidating. Tracked and documented I will share the journey of an average Joe like me, moving up toward achieving a black belt in web design! KAPOW!

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