One small step for media…a giant leap for Twitter

Dead Osama is whats hot right now

Osama Bin Laden is dead…this is what the news is buzzing with, but sources reveal that Twitter was chirping this news even before the words left President Barrak Obama’s lips!

The first leak of this juicy piece of news was tweeted by Keith Urbahn on the 2nd of May, 16:24. Urbahn, the former chief of staff for Donald Rumsfeld, United States secretary of defence, poignantly tweeted,

“So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.”

Spoiler Alert!

Social media rivaled over news this time and as Obama wet his lips to deliver the news, Urbahn tweets,

“Ladies, gents, let’s wait to see what the President says. Could be misinformation or pure rumor. “

Talk about letting the cat out the bag!!!

The guardian reports that Urbahn’s source could have been Rumsfeld himself, who may have been told by Bush who was called by Obama before he made the public announcement. Its a case of he said she said. Either way the news trickled down to the masses and people were up in arms until the White House confirmed it officially 20 minutes later.

Ladies and gentlemen, Osama Bin Laden is...Wait what? Everyone knows already? Darn!

An article on the Business Insider site by Matt Rossof states that Twitter Just Had Its CNN Moment. Rossof refers to the time CNN had the scoop on all news about Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

An extract from Rossof’s article expresses his sentiments…

“Meanwhile, Obama finished talking and Brian Williams resumed his solemn platitudes and the TV suddenly seemed very old and boring. In other words, Twitter was faster, more accurate, and more entertaining than any other news source out there. Which means the next time my dad asks me why anybody would use Twitter, I’ll finally have a good response.”

It seems this time that the early twitter bird…catches the worm!


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