Power Balance Band Scam

Mystical Power Band - no more mystery

How much more celebrity endorsed crap are we going to buy before we realise what irrational consumers we are?

The Power Balance band is a 3 mm thick silicone wristband with 2 hologram discs embedded in either side and is especially popular among sport stars including David Beckham, Rubens Barrichello, , Kobe Bryant, Christiano Ronaldo and Shaquille O‘Neal. The company’s Tom O’Dowd claims that the bands increases athlete’s power and core strength by 500% by interacting with the body’s natural energy flow. This little band has set a few tongues wagging as the truth reveals that despite the “holographic technology” which claims to send energy flowing through the body, the plastic trinket does nothing.

Powerless band

In Wisconsin a professor ran tests similar to those found in video footage on Power Balance’s website. He tested 42 athletes with the power band and compared them to athletes performing with silicone versions from Wal-Mart and found no difference. A BBC Wales investigation blindfolded 10 volunteers then placed dummy versions of the power band on them to reach the same conclusion – the band is a dud because there are no biological performance changes. Psychologists report that the band’s power is no more than a placebo effect and sport players are performing better because of the confidence in the band providing power. Comments on Twitter cornered the shady company and Power Balance replied by admitting there was no credible scientific evidence to support their product claims. The company then has the audacity to claim that it relies not on science, but on the testimonials from famous athletes who have raved about their experiences while wearing the power band. One has to wonder how reliable these testimonials are due to the fact that Power Balance sponsors different sports and pays top athletes to wear the plastic bracelets.

Power band it like Beckham

After being taken to court with regards to bogus product claims and false advertising, Power Balance released a statement agreeing to give full refunds (and pay for shipping and handling) for all dissatisfied customers.  Power Balance continues to produce other nifty and shifty gadgets for athletes around the world and chose to sweep this one under the carpet as an “advertising dispute”.

Tom O'Dowd is the scamming looking one (to the right!)


If you have purchased a power band already here are 3 things you could do with it! Make a hoola hoop for your hamster, collect them like tazos or add beads and make friendship bracelets for you and a buddy. Maybe the next great invention would be stink free socks that improve people’s sex lives, now that is a best seller!


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