The sad truth of why people can’t get enough of Jersey Shore

Get crazy get loud...

It’s said that every time someone watches an episode of Jersey Shore a book dies…yet we keep watching! Every corner I turned people were talking about a guy named situation and t-shirt time. After a couple of weeks of feeling out of the loop I had to watch this series everyone was talking about. Now I sit here some months later and I’m still watching this drivel.


Jersey Shore (if you haven’t heard by now) is a reality television series where the lives of X Italians are filmed while staying under one roof in Jersey Shore. Besides having to work at a t-shirt company, they spend their time partying, picking up random chicks at clubs, bringing home men whose names they may or may not, getting drunk then getting arrested, fighting and breaking while making up. Exhausting! AND this is MTV’s most viewed series ever! Season 3’s 2nd episode aired and a staggering amount of 8.87 million people tuned in to watch. It’s like Big Brother except this time they’re allowed to leave the house. Every fan has their reasons for liking this show, but what’s most interesting are the personalities in the house.

Meet the crew. ROLL CALL!


Paul DelVecchio known as Pauly D. Everyone loves this guy and most women want to have his children. He is a dj and most people don’t realize he is the oldest person in the house.

Pauly D

Mike Sorrentino famously called “The Situation” and then lifts his t-shirt revealing his abs while claiming it to be a ‘situation’. Mike has got to be the sleaziest member of this household. He is ridiculed for his age.


The "Sitch"

Ronnie Oritz-Magro who is a douche of a boyfriend. Ronnie comes from the Bronx! This I find funny. Behind the tough guy exterior he is a big lump of goo inside and is constantly crying over Sammie.


Vinny Guadagnino has really thin eyebrows, anyone else notice this? Vinny is the youngest guy in the house. If acting fails him, Vinny hopes to become a lawyer.



Nicole Polizzi better known as “Snooki” who is described (by herself) as a meatball – small and round? Snooki had her fair share of bad luck on Jersey Shore. A drinking binge gets her arrested, she gtes punched by a man, she gets hit on (as in flirt not smacked) by guys who have girlfriends or previous engagements yet her quest for love continues.


Jenni Farley also called “JWoww” – as in WOWW your boobs are so gigantic I could lose my keys in them! Jwoww is a graphic designer and club promoter from New York. Her relationship with now ex boyfriend Tommy is constantly tested while she stays in Jersey Shore.


Sammie Giancola who everyone likes to call “Sammie Sweetheart”, which is an oxymoron of note, she’s a seen as the bitch. She’s psycho and loves being treated badly and being called a whore by her love Ronnie.


Angelina Pivarnick who was whiny throughout season 1 and 2 then dropped out. This chick got drunk and did some really messed up things including smacking Pauly in his face. No one liked this crazed female and so her stay was short lived.


Deena Nicole Cortese who is Snooki’s meatball friend and stepped in for whiny Angelina in season 3. This  addition to season 3 described herself as a blast in a glass and what a blast she was.


WOW! After saying all these names out loud I feel as if I ordered a ten meal course at an Italian restaurant.

Season 1 was shot in Jersey Shore, season 2 took them to Miami and season 3 washed them back up on Jersey Shore’s beaches.  Season 4 is airing later this year and will be filmed in ITALY! What made Jersey Shore so popular was the play on Italian-American stereotypes and whether these youngsters broke the myth or lived up to them. The 8 young vivacious Italians also received recognition for creating the amazing vocabulary that caught my attention in the first place.

Guido – typical Italian male

Guidette – typical Italian woman

DTF – Take a girl home and if she’s DTF, she’s down to f*&#@

Grenade – an ugly girl

A-Bomb – the ugliest girl ever

T-shirt time – the period of time just before they go out, where the guys put on their t-shirts to keep the fresh look

GTL – Gym, tan, laundry (things these Italians can’t live without)

Now for the moment if truth. Jersey Shore is the way the viewers wish they could spend their summer break. We watch the outrageous and borderline insane things these people do and wish we could do the same. Viewers feel that by watching the show they live out their fantasies of partying all night and adopting the crazy, but colorful Italian culture. Girls want to spend a night with Pauly D and guys wish their girlfriends had JWow’s boobs. People watch Ronnie and Sammie fight and keep developing their own opinions and irritations when in fact it has absolutely nothing to do with them.  All in all the Jersey Shore gang just makes life look like buckets full of fun and spray on tan

PS: You can say what you want about Jersey Shore but they do have awesome tracks AND a Parlotone song featured at the end of one episode from season 3!


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