Jack Dorsey climbed the beanstalk and found that golden goose!

See you got to grab life by the jugs and just milk it for all its worth ya know?

Jack Dorsey (Chairman of Twitter)

WARNING: This post contains corny jokes and puns about birds. It had to be done.

Face behind the fowl

Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone the masterminds behind Twitter one of the world’s biggest social networking site envisioned the idea while sitting in a park eating Mexican food (a little birdy told me this). Jack Dorsey the software designer and businessman grew up in St. Louis Missouri and studied at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. He was born in 1976, November 19th and at the age of 34 finds himself being the chairman of Twitter a multimillion dollar company.

STORK DELIVERS THE TWITTER BABY: The birth of the instant messaging bird

Board members of the podcasting company Odeo meet at a park and while tucking into some nachos or tacos – whatever Mexican dish they prefer – dear mister Dorsey has what Oprah calls an “aha” moment. He thinks of sending short messages on the web to a small group of people and the together the group develop Twitter. Dorsey explains the reasoning behind the name Twitter: “The definition was ‘a short burst of inconsequential information,’ and ‘chirps from birds’. And that’s exactly what the product was.” On the 21st of March 2006 the Twitter project took flight and Dorsey posted his very first tweet – “Just setting up my twttr,” With those 5 words an egg hatched and an idea grew wings to conquer and rival other sites on the web. The prototype was used by Odeo programmers and the fully fledged version was released on June 15th 2006.

Blueprint sketches of Twitter

Twitter flies to new heights

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging site where users can send “internet short messages” called Tweets. Online subscribers can follow other users or others can follow them and access their tweets. Tweets can be about absolutely anything and many companies use it to update consumers on the latest trends and products. News publications send tweets as news bites and artists alert their fans on where they’ll be or when they’ll be releasing a new album. Twitter is free and visible to everyone on its database unless security settings are set to restrict tweet’s visibility to only those who are allowed to follow another user. Twitter was born in March 2006 and this year it celebrated its 5th birthday. Since then Twitter has racked up about 190 million users and the number grows every day. In October Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams bought over Odeo and the Twitter.com which became its own company in April 2007.

FUN FACTS! Twitter twit bits

  • Twitter’s slogan is, “The best way to discover what’s new in your world”
  • Twttr was the original name. It was inspired by Flickr
  • Twitter’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California.
  • Revenue was projected in 2010 at 150 million US dollars
  • Twitter is ranked as 1 of the 10 most visited sites on the web
  • During the 2010 Fifa World Cup, on the 4th of June, after Japan scored against Cameroon soccer fans sent 2 940 tweets per second, a mere thirty seconds after the goal was scored
  • On 25th of June 2009 the King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away and Twitter crashed as a result of users tweeting about Michael Jackson at a staggering 100 000 tweets per hour
  • The Twitter fail whale error message was created by Yiying Lu

Twitter's fail whale

Artist that created the fail whale, Yiying Lu


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