I-Doser Gets You ‘High’ Through Music


Get a dose of marijuana

You’re walking down the road feeling like Mick Jagger and it’s the perfect time to hook up with your dealer. You meet in a shady spot away from prying eyes and your dealer reaches into his pocket. You hand over your sin tax, a fat roll of notes, and he places an i-pod in your hand, “Whats this?” you ask. Its I-doser, the drug free drug.

You have heard of smoking weed, snorting cocaine or shooting up heroine, but have you heard of getting high through your ears? It sounds absurd, but I-doser claims to do just that. I-doser is a compilation of beats (purchased online) that can be played on a CD, or MP3 or via the I–doser application and must be heard through good quality headphones. The creator of I-doser, Nick Ashton, explains on the official website that they have discovered “binaural brainwave audio doses to powerfully alter your mood” by simulating the effects of drugs and experiences. Through the process of mixing binaural beats they have found safe and scientific methods to synchronize brainwaves and recreate multiple mental states.

Music Mental Simulations

I-doser provides effects with different strengths and purposes. Recreational simulations imitate the effects of Marijuana, Cocaine, Absinthe, Opium and Peyote with background noises for euphoric and hallucinatory effects. Prescription simulations create the calming and soothing feeling after taking Valium or other sedatives. Sacred simulations are powerful in strength and send the user to a mental heaven and hell with effects such as Genesis, Hand of God and Gates of Hades. There are also simulations which range from out of body experiences to mind blowing orgasms.

This is how the prgramme looks

Although it may sound as a resolution to the drug problems ravaging our communities today, does it work? Comments, forums and blogs seem to be in debate about whether I-doser provides you with the promised experiences or if it leaves you with headaches and disappointment. The I-doser website allows you to comment on your experiences on the site. Many claim to have lost feeling in their limbs or felt paranoid and jittery after being on a Crystal Meth i-dose trip. Others complain that all they heard was buzzing and droning then awaken to a headache. In a forum called Hip Chat one anonymous user of I-doser claimed to feel nothing, but was under the impression that she was being subliminally told to “buy shit”. On another site Answerbag users argue that a great amount of mental effort is needed to be able to feel anything. Focus, concentration and meditation would improve your experience however our brains are wired differently and the experience may not be the same for all. To aid you with this I-doser has a Binaural Beat Guide with tips to reaching a high.

Despite the skeptics I-doser has received positive feedback from news sources such as Las Vegas Review Journal and Asylum.com. Many users dub it as a safe way to satisfy the youth’s curiosity to experience with substances which alter moods and create feelings of elation. For those who would like to take the experience further the I-doser website also gives you the opportunity to become an I-doser dealer and receive 20% commission on every sale you make. So far there has been no extensive research done by outsiders on I-dosing, but people are keen and continue to try it out. Once rehab is eliminated what is the worse that could go wrong? Your i-pod gets addicted?

Nick Ashton, the creator of i-doser



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